The drive along the Ryfylke National Tourist Route is a trip full of contrasts. Here you will encounter high barren mountains, lush hillsides, sheer mountainsides and deep fjords. The Saudafjellet mountain displays special natural characteristics. It is rugged, brutal and unyielding, and you might find yourself wondering what on earth it was that persuaded someone to lay a road exactly here. At the Svandalfossen waterfall you can walk up the steps and really feel the force of the rushing water and the might of the cascade. Sometimes the water runs so high that the police must take charge, directing cars one at a time through the mist of spray that covers the road. It is quite an exotic experience. At the southern point of this road you will find Lysefjorden. This fjord is perhaps most enchanting when dark clouds hover above, only penetrated by bands of golden light. Since Ryfylke National Tourist Route is a long and varied stretch of road, it is worth taking your time. There are lots of opportunities on the way to make short detours and to take a break from driving, whether you are keen to find out more about Sauda’s industrial history or just want to explore one of the lovely little shore villages such as Sand. Along this route you can take part in a salmon fishing safari and rafting, or you can set off on a hike in constantly changing terrain. The drive through Ryfylke offers a versatile experience on a challenging road with many charming aspects.  


Hellandsbygd exemplifies how the social structure in the community was built up around energy-intensive industry and access to cheap electricity. Industry is also the reason for the actual location of the road over Saudafjell, since this was the shortest and fastest route eastwards. 


Many tourists make a pilgrimage to Ryfylke. Here you will find some of the most spectacular natural attractions Norway has to offer. Both Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and the Kjerag boulder with Lysefjorden in the background are popular as destinations and photographic motifs. There are also many idyllic spots along the road that are worth looking out for. In addition there are two short ferry trips where you can breathe in fresh sea air and admire the fjords at close hand.

National Tourist Route Ryfylke runs from Oanes on Lysefjorden to Hordalia, a total distance of 183 km (Road 13, 46/520). Two short ferry crossings on this road allow you to admire the fjords from the water as well. There are ferry connections from Oanes - Lauvvika and Hjelmeland - Nesvik. If you would like more information about the ferries, you will find links in the menu below.

Sections of the road, particularly over the mountain to Røldal, are narrow with a number of bends. There is currently no maximum length for buses but the use of shorter buses is advisable.

Winter notice: The road is now open. The road from Helandsbygd to Røldal is normally closed in the winter in November and reopens in June. Red flags in the map show where the road will be closed.

Other National Tourist Routes that are closed during the Winter

GPS: Oanes 58.910563, 6.077167 -
Hordalia 59.813794, 6.756098