Some of our Norwegian Scenic Route are closed during the winter. Here you can see which routes are open or closed.

NOTE: This page does not show updated traffic information in real-time. It is important to note that even though a road has been opened for the summer season, it may still for some time be closed at night. Spring is a volatile season in the mountains, and in bad weather roads may be closed on short notice. Pay attention to weather forecasts and updated local road and traffic information.

Hamningbergvegen (County Road 8100) Smelror - Hamningberg
Open 12.05.2022
Geiranger - Trollstigen
Langvatnet - Geiranger (County Road 63)
Gamle Strynefjellsvegen
Grotli - Videsæter (County Road 258)
Closed 15.09.2022
The mountain road from Rustasætre - Turtagrø (County Road 55)
Open 29.04.2022
Garli - Maurvangen (County Road 51)
Open 01.04.2022
Mel - Mjell (County Road 613)
Open 02.05.2022
From the Aurland/Lærdal municipal boundary and Nalfarbakkane above Aurlandsvangen (County Road 5627). Aurlandsvangen - Stegastein viewing point is open all year round.
Open 01.06.2022
Helandsbygd - Røldal (County Road 520)
Open 16.05.2022

Statistics for recent years

Varanger: This stretch of road is normally closed from November until May. Geiranger-Trollstigen: The stretch from Langvatnet-Geiranger is usually closed in November and reopens in May. Trollstigen is usually closed in October and reopens in May. Gamle Strynefjellsvegen: The route is closed during the winter season. It is normally closed in October and reopens in June. Sognefjellet: The mountain road from Rustasætre/Vegaskjelet to Turtagrø is normally closed in November and reopens in May. Valdresflye: Parts of the route are closed during the winter between Garli and Maurvangen but the stretch between Hindsæter and Gjendesheim is open. The road is normally closed in December and reopens in April. Access to Gjendesheim is from Randen (Road 51) or Sjoa (Road 257). Gaularfjellet: The road over Gaularfjellet is closed during winter from Mel to Mjell. This section is normally closed in December and reopens end of April. The road from Aurlandsvangen to the Stegastein viewing point is open all year round. Ryfylke: The road from Helandsbygd to Røldal is normally closed in the winter in November and reopens in June.
The table shows statistics for recent years.