Mefjordvær is a traditional and beautiful fishing village in Berg municipality, situated between the open sea and high mountains.

Fur arkitekter
Mefjordvær. Photo: Hugo Fagermo, Statens vegvesen

Today, the fisheries are no longer in operation and tourism has taken over as the main industry.

The existing service facilities at the characteristic breakwater were in need of a quality boost. The area badly needed a thorough clean-up where the old outhouse, a worn-down bus shelter and unkempt containers were removed. The terrain was then restored with local beach flora.

The building contains toilets and several small, sheltered outdoor rooms where you can wait for the bus or experience the view sheltered from rain and wind. It has been built mainly from materials traditionally used in coastal areas and given an expressive outer layer of perforated aluminium panels reminiscent of fish scales.

Visitor parking has been established with a HC space, emptying facilities for motorhomes and caravans and a turning area for buses. The architect has also specially designed benches and flower boxes that have been placed out along the breakwater to tie the project together visually and give visitors pleasant places to rest.

Architect: Fur Arkitekter and Agraff arkitektur

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