Reve. Photo: Roger Ellingsen, Statens vegvesen

Where the sky is high

A drive through distinctive cultural landscapes along the edge of the North Sea.

To some extent this road differs from many of the other tourist routes, it’s quite simply a regular all-purpose road. To get the strongest impressions you should probably stop the car or take time to drive on some of the little side roads. Detours to the boulders and sand dunes provide memorable impressions of ocean and light, lighthouses and cultural monuments.

This coastal landscape is unique and completely unlike anything you will find in other parts of Norway.

Travel information

41 km
0 - 35

Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren runs from Ogna to Bore. Kvassheim lighthouse, one of the many lighthouses along the coast of Jæren, makes for a lovely detour.

To some extent this road differs from many of the other tourist routes – it’s quite simply a regular all-purpose road. On this route you must be prepared to share the road with all those who use it every day.

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

Traffic alerts in map (Norwegian only)

GPS, Ogna:
58.53293333, 5.77125
GPS, Bore:
58.791229, 5.592277


At first glance the road is uneventful but then you experience the subtle shifting patterns of light, the undulating landscape, the ever-changing sky and the horizon far out over the ocean. The beaches each have their own personality no matter where you happen to stop – you will find both sandy beaches and pebbly beaches. Orrestranda is perhaps one of the most magnificent and here you can walk for many kilometres on the white sand and admire the rich flora and fauna. Many shipwrecks have occurred along the Jæren coast and the unique coastline necessitated the development of special rescue techniques. Kvassheim lighthouse was equipped with a foghorn when it was built in order to guide shipping traffic safely past the coast of Jæren.The lighthouse is splendidly situated against the background of the open ocean. Today it is open for everyone who wants to take a break and learn something new.

At Jæren you will find Norway’s longest sandy beaches, an entire 70 km of sand dunes with their own flora and fauna. These flat beaches are perfect for hiking, and the entire coastline can be explored on foot. One of the most interesting hikes is the historical “Kongevegen” (Kings’ Road) from the old vicarage at Hå to the churchyard at Varhaug via Obrestad Lighthouse. This hike takes you along sand dunes with the open sea on the one side and lush farmland on the other. If you want, you can continue your hike along the coast of Jæren and walk from Kvassheim Lighthouse and onwards to Ogna, past Brusand. The long sandy beach at Brusand have sheltering sand dunes, lagoons and rivers courses. The beaches of Orrestranda and Borestranda also include nice hiking areas. Borestranda, in addition, is a popular place among surfers. Maybe you should check them all out, to find your favourite beach?

Cycling along the coast of Jæren brings you close to the North Sea and the cultural landscape on the inside. A trip down to the beaches of Jæren is an experience regardless of weather. You should also consider swinging by the well preserved lighthouses along the coast of Jæren. Strong winds may be a challenge for cyclists in this open landscape. If you would like a calmer route, you can follow National Cycle Route1, the Coastal Route, on the “outside” of the scenic route. This stretch is also part of the European “North Sea Cycle Route” EuroVelo 12.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration builds infrastructure in the form of rest areas and viewpoints along Norwegian Scenic Routes.

We kindly ask that questions regarding tourist information be directed to local and regional tourism operators.

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