Logo Norwegian Scenic Routes
Logo Norwegian Scenic Routes

Guidelines for using the trademark

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) is tasked with developing and administering 18 road sections in Norway for the Norwegian Scenic Routes attraction. The NPRA has developed a design programme so that travellers can easily recognise the attraction. The purpose of the design programme is to:

  • create an overall and clear identity in all visual communication
  • contribute to establishing the Norwegian Scenic Routes symbol as an expression of consistently high quality through all stages of the attraction
  • render visible and communicate the core values of Norwegian Scenic Route

An important part of building the Norwegian Scenic Routes brand is to ensure proper use of the trademark. We have therefore prepared the following guidelines for using the logo and/or photos in advertising or other marketing and image-building activities:


  • The Norwegian Scenic Routes trademark and logo may only be used by collaborators such as VisitNorway.com, destination companies and regional and local tourist boards when they market Norwegian Scenic Route.
  • The Norwegian Scenic Route Section at the NPRA shall approve all external use of the Norwegian Scenic Route trademark (logo and symbol). External use refers to local tourist boards’ guides, brochures, information boards, web pages or similar.
  • The Norwegian Scenic Route trademark and logo (symbol) may not be used in advertisements or any other type of marketing without the prior consent from the NPRA, Norwegian Scenic Routes.


  • Photos may be borrowed from NPRA, Norwegian Scenic Routes, provided they are to be used in articles that mention Norwegian Scenic Routes. We reserve the right to publish the articles on our web pages as references and examples. All photos must be accredited, and photos of architecture shall include the name of the architect / landscape architect. If photos are published on other web pages, please add a link to nasjonaleturistveger.no.


  • Our maps must not be reproduced for commercial activities, on websites, brochures or in other printed materials without permission from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. 

We would like to encourage our collaborators to join our efforts to present National Tourist Routes, including its activities, experiences and service, as a high quality attraction.

NPRA, Norwegian Scenic Routes
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