Vestvågøy. Photo: Steinar Skaar, Statens vegvesen

Along the wall of jagged peaks rising from the expanse of ocean

A drive through a well-established destination with magnificent scenery and a vibrant coastal culture.

Regardless of the time of year, Lofoten provides a journey amid breathtaking natural surroundings. The combination of the untamed ocean and stormy seas, jagged alpine mountains plunging into the water, tiny sheltered fishingvillages and white beaches with crystal clear waters will never cease to enchant us.

There are also many tourists who have discovered that winter can be just as beautiful as summer. The Arctic winter is the perfect time to see the northern lights, an overwhelming play of light and colour.

Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten travels between Å and Raftsundet, with detours to Nusfjord, Vikten, Utakleiv, Unstad, Eggum and Henningsvær. 



Travel information

230 km
0 - 59

Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten runs from Å to Raftsundet (Euroroute 10) with detours to Nusfjord, Vikten, Utakleiv, Unstad, Eggum and Henningsvær. 

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

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GPS, Raftsundet:
68.456154, 15.203437
67.880584, 12.978501

By travelling with the Hurtigruten coastal express, ferries and Euroroute 6 you can combine this stretch of road with other Norwegian Scenic Routes. You can avoid using ferries here by driving on Euroroute 10. However in several places ferries offer an alternative route. To the south, ferries operate on the section from Bodø - Moskenes, Svolvær - Skutvik and Bognes - Lødingen. To the north a ferry will take you from Melbu to Fiskebøl.


There are innumerable options for trips and you can choose how great a challenge you want. There is a variety of options and most are close and easily accessible. Even in the town of Svolvær and the fishing village of Henningsvær you are in close contact with the ocean and nature. It almost goes without saying that you should try your hand at the Lofoten cod fishing, or perhaps a sea eagle safari, a stimulating boat trip in a RIB boat, or you can do your own thing in a kayak or go snorkelling in the Arctic waters.

Many of Lofoten’s famous hiking trails lead up to one of the mountain summits lining the islands. There are short, steep trips to the roadside peaks of Nubben and Festvågtind. A longer trek to Munken is a journey into the heart of the Lofoten mountains, where you can even spend the night in a public cabin. Back closer to sea level there is also plenty to discover. Bunes Beach, one of Lofoten’s secluded white sandy beaches, is easily reached from Reine by a ferry ride and short hike. Coastal trails, like the route between Unstad and Eggum can be explored under the light of the midnight sun.

Lofoten is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Northern Norway, and cyclists may find the car traffic quite challenging in high season. Outbound you should therefore choose alternative routes such as County Road 888 from Fiskebøl to Austnesfjorden, or County Road 815 from Sundklakkstraumen to Leknes. Further out on the outer part of Lofoten, there are plenty of options that will give you great experiences from your bike seat. There are also a number of detours from the E10, such as to Eggum (9 km), Unstad (10 km), Nusfjord (6 km) etc.

You can avoid the Nappstraum Tunnel by taking the local bicycle ferry between Nusfjord and Ballstad. The ferry departs at 10:00 from Ballstad and 11:00 from Nusfjord in the period from 1 June to August. Book your ticket in advance at

Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten is part of National Cycle Route 1, which runs along the entire coast of Norway. From Bergen to Nordkapp the route also coincides with the EuroVelo 1 «Atlantic Coast Route». The route is signposted.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration builds infrastructure in the form of rest areas and viewpoints along Norwegian Scenic Routes. We kindly ask that questions regarding tourist information be directed to local and regional tourism operators.

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