Sohlbergplassen. Photo: Werner Harstad, Statens vegvesen

Along the blue mountains

A drive that offers close encounter with Norwegian nature in the easily accessible borderland between high mountains and ancient cultural landscapes.

Like ancient giants the mountains stand at rest on the road that takes you alongside the Rondane national park. Experiencing the slowly changing landscape with its towering mountains is very special – almost magical.

Over 2,000 metre-high summits in a singular landscape decked in blinding white snow, the rays of the low-hanging sun reflecting on the glittering snow, the bluish light. Tranquillity and quiet, and the knowledge that the sunny day can be transformed within moments to threatening stormy weather.

Perhaps it is this feeling that has led so many artists and writers to derive inspiration from Rondane – and maybe this is why people return to Rondane again and again over generations.

The area, with its distinctive geology along the first national park in Norway, offers experiences and inspiration at an easy-going pace.

Travel information

75 km
700 - 1060

Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane runs from Venabygdsfjellet to Folldal, and from Sollia Church to Enden. It is open to traffic throughout the year. 

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

Traffic alerts in map (Norwegian only)

GPS, Folldal:
62.129999, 9.999286
GPS, Muen:
61.682254, 10.125546

The stretch linking the tourist route and Euroroute 6 in Gudbrandsdalen (Frya) may be closed over Ringebufjellet for short periods in winter when the weather is bad.


The area is perfect for families who love hiking, and offers easy terrain for children as well as activities that are easily accessible. Here you will find an abundance of tourist cabins and hiking paths that are well signposted without this detracting from the grandeur of the mountains. And the fact that you’re also in one of Norway’s most beautiful areas makes the experience quite unique.

Strømbu on Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane is a perfect starting point for a number of hikes in Rondane National Park. The trail in to the tourist lodge at Bjørnhollia is a nice walk through birch woods and pine flatlands. Along the way you will have great views towards the majestic peaks of Rondane. After spending the night at Bjørnhollia you can explore the sheltered valley of Skjerdalen. If you would like a multi-day hike, you can proceed to Rondvassbu and Dørålseter before returning to Strømbu. The walk from Strømbu to Høgronden is a nice but demanding day hike. From the top of Høgronden there are magnificent views of Rondslottet, Storronden and Atndalen.

The cycle ride starts up on Venabygdsfjellet, from where you can see Mount Muen. After the descent down to the valley, at Enden, it is possible to make a 24-km return trip detour to the old timber church at Sollia. The ride continues from there through the long valley of Atndalen. The best view towards the mountain tops of Rondane is from the Sohlbergplassen viewpoint. The route is relatively easy to cycle both ways and car traffic is moderate.

Along County Road 27 in Folldal, National Cycle Route No. 6 is being planned. The entire route will be running between Røros and Hardanger.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration builds infrastructure in the form of rest areas and viewpoints along Norwegian Scenic Routes. We kindly ask that questions regarding tourist information be directed to local and regional tourism operators.

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