“Skyldner” ("Debtor") by Matias Faldbakken is a stone mosaic of light and dark granite. Photo: Harald Christian Eiken, vmproduksjon.no

GPS, Kjøllen:
61.889865, 10.157547

Wheelchair accessible.

The artwork “Skyldner” (“Debtor”) is based on a charcoal drawing of a wooden head from the 12th century, probably a “Head of Christ”.

The artwork “Skyldner” (“Debtor”) has been established along County Road 27.

In this project, Faldbakken has taken an artistic approach that does not disturb nature. The mosaic is laid out as a horizontal picture where visitors find themselves both in and on the artwork, while the site also serves as a platform with a view to the mighty mountains of Rondane.

Artist: Matias Faldbakken