Vargebakkane. Photo: Werner Harstad, Statens vegvesen

Where the road floats above the treeline

A drive with a panoramic view of the mountains and wide expanses at the gateway to Jotunheimen.

The road swoops and stretches out ahead in long sweeps of undulating terrain.

When winter tightens its icy clutch and remorseless winds sweep over the plateau, the huge snow masses make the task of keeping the road open too demanding.

Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye is an innate leg in several roundtrips.

Travel information

49 km
890 - 1389

Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye runs from Garli to Hindsæter, with a detour to Gjende. This is an excellent alternative if you are heading north, or it can be included in a wide variety of round trips.

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

Traffic alerts in map (Norwegian only)

GPS, Hindsæter:
61.618944, 8.972654
GPS, Garli:
61.269397, 8.863413

THE ROAD IS OPEN - 31 March 2021. Parts of the route are closed during the winter between Garli and Maurvangen but the stretch between Hindsæter and Gjendesheim is open. The road is normally closed in December and reopens in April. Access to Gjendesheim is from Randen (Road 51) or Sjoa (Road 257).


You can make a stop almost anywhere and go for long or short hikes in the mountains. Rjupa and Vargbakkene are specially adapted stops but they are by no means the only places where you should have a break from driving. At summer mountain farms you have the opportunity to buy butter, sour cream and cheese produced in the traditional manner.

Whether you like rocky mountain terrain or soft forest ground, you are sure to find hiking trails that suit your preferences along this route. Bitihorn and Synshorn are attractive peaks that offer stunning views of Bygdin. If you prefer a family-friendly walk that includes sweeping views of Jotunheimen, Gravolskampen near Bygdin is a great option. To experience the famous but challenging Besseggen Ridge, take a short detour to Gjende. The view from the ridge is spectacular, featuring the green Lake Gjende one one side and the blue Lake Bessvatnet on the other. If you are looking for a shorter and easier alternative, Gjendehøe is an excellent option. In the valley of Sjodalen you will find the Hulderstigen nature trail, with 15 stations with information about nature and culture along the way. The trail runs through Stuttgonglia Nature Reserve and is perfectly suited for families with children. Hiking to the top of Stuttgongkampen at Hindsæter is another great alternative, taking you through diverse landscapes with pine and birch forests, mountain pastures and lakes, small streams and treeless terrain. From the top, you will have stunning views of the entire Sjodalen valley as well as the peaks of Jotunheimen.

Up on Valdresflye you get the feeling of “hovering” above the mountain plateau with a great view towards many of the mountain peaks of Jotunheimen National Park. Remember that large open areas up in the mountains also mean strong winds. Whether you come from the north or the south we recommend a detour (2 km) to the beautiful Lake Gjende, which is a good point of departure for a number of walks. On Valdresflye there is a good deal of traffic and a few long climbs, but the cycle ride is absolutely manageable.

In time, this route will be part of National Cycle Route 5.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration builds infrastructure in the form of rest areas and viewpoints along Norwegian Scenic Routes.

We kindly ask that questions regarding tourist information be directed to local and regional tourism operators.

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