The Norwegian Scenic Routes Section has a large photographic archive where you can view photos from all 18 Scenic Routes. Most photos include GPS data and a map display. Captions are only available in Norwegian.

Under the Free Photos menu option, we offer a good selection of high-resolution images.  *Images under other menus have a lower resolution. When you select a photo to download, you will be asked to register your name and email address, and to state what the photo will be used for.

Terms of use of photos from web and image bank

The photos under Free Photos are free.
The conditions for using the photos free of charge are as follows:

  • Photos should only be used in articles and on websites where Norwegian Scenic Routes are mentioned.
  • The photographer (name) must always be credited.
  • When photographing architecture, the architect/landscape architect must always be listed.
  • If the photos are used for articles on web pages, please provide a link to
  • Norwegian Scenic Routes reserve the right to reproduce quotes and other content from articles in which our photos are published.

All copyright issues relating to pictures in Free Photos have been cleared. Therefore, we will not provide signed permissions or contracts for the use of these pictures.

*Copyright issues for photos under other menus have not been cleared. The use of photos with the same image resolution as in the image bank is free of charge. To use these images in a higher resolution, permission must be obtained from the photographer. Enquiries should be made directly to the photographers, who will have  their own terms and prices for the use of their pictures.

 By clicking on this link, you accept our terms of use and will be taken to the photo archive

Questions may be addressed to:

Frid-Jorunn Stabell, photo archive manager