Flowering orchards by Kinsarvik.
Kinsarvik. Photo: Sigmund Krøvel-Velle

Mountains, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers

Several drives through a long-established tourism area. Waterfalls and glaciers form mighty stage sets that have attracted tourists for more than a century

It’s no secret that Hardanger is like a picture postcard, and almost everywhere you look you will be feasting your eyes on thundering waterfalls or fruit trees in bloom.

The roads in Hardanger impose their own pace and you must adapt to the natural tempo. The road may follow a shelf along a steep-sided valley or it may literally pass through an apple orchard. The nature in the area has given rise to boat building, fruit farms and industry.

Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger consists of four sections: Granvin - Steinsdalsfossen, Norheimsund - Tørvikbygd, Jondal – Utne, and Kinsarvik – Låtefoss.

Travel information

158 km
0 – 275
Sea crossing
2 ferries

Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger consists of four stretches: Granvin - Steinsdalsfossen [79] [49], Norheimsund - Tørvikbygd [49], Jondal - Utne [550], and Kinsarvik - Låtefoss. A ferry operates from Tørvikbygd - Jondal and from Kinsarvik - Utne - Kvandal (click on the ferry icon for timetable). This route is open for traffic throughout the year. 

For cyclists: Beware of heavy traffic during the summer months. Avoid tunnels on the road from Kinsarvik to Odda, and onwards to Låtefossen - instead ride on the "outside". 

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

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Map information

GPS, Granvin:
60.529691, 6.728418
GPS, Låtefoss:
59.944362, 6.584351
GPS, Steinsdalsfossen:
60.365957, 6.088132

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In this file, the direction of travel is from Låtefoss to Granvin. Gpx files for all Scenic Routes. Any alternative driving pattern must be adapted by the users themselves.


Emptying toilets from motorhomes and caravans is not permitted in our toilets. The facility is not designed for such use. The nearest dump stations are at Kinsarvik, Odda and Norheimsund.

Winter information

Parts of road 13 (Skjervsvegen) are closed in winter. During that period, there is no access to Skjervsfossen.


For all lovers of waterfalls, Hardanger is the perfect destination. Hardanger is framed by large waterfalls. Steinsdalsfossen, Vøringsfossen, Skjervsfossen, Låtefossen and Furebergfossen are all different, but they all have the same hypnotic power. 

There are plenty of hiking options, and many of them will give you a panoramic view of the fiord arms in the area. The best-known hike is the highly challenging walk to Trolltunga, but Hardanger also offers many other great hikes, without the same crowds. A walk to Buarbreen gives you a close look at the glacier, but also lets you experience one of the beautiful valleys in Western Norway.

In Hardanger, fruit farming has taken place since the 14th century, and industries such as boat building and quarrying have been important to the local community. Artists and tourists have always been inspired by the beautiful scenery.

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