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Towards the farthest north

A drive through a landscape in which nature has the upper hand. A supplement to the North Cape.

The road out to Havøysund is fascinatingly varied and even though it is only a couple of hundred metres above sea level at the highest point, you get the feeling of driving above the tree line.

Parts of the road traverse a barren rocky landscape with the Arctic Ocean on one side and rugged outcrops on the other.

The landscape is stark and dramatic and there are few signs other than the road to show that anyone has ventured here before. The little fishing village of Havøysund located at 71° north is literally the end of the road.

Travel information

67 km
0 - 233

Norwegian Scenic Route Havøysund runs from Kokelv to Havøysund (Road 889). The Hurtigruten coastal express calls at Havøysund daily. This allows you to plan round trips combining several national tourist routes. You can also extend the trip by taking a boat to Rolvsøy and Ingøya further north in the Arctic Ocean.

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

Traffic alerts in map (Norwegian only)

GPS, Havøysund:
70.992778, 24.654444
GPS, Kokelv:
70.611315, 24.722318

You can also extend the trip by taking the Måsøy express boat (Måsøyekspressen) to the Rolvsøy (Gunnarnes quay), Ingøya or Måsøya islands. It is definitely worth the trip. If you want to go to Måsøya, you have to telephone 480 23 948 and let them know that you are taking the boat to Måsøy or that you need to be picked up there.


The ocean and fisheries have been the principal industry for people living in the North, and deep-sea fishing also attracts many people to the area. This stretch is also perfect for those who want to cycle in an extraordinary landscape. The Havøysund plateau is just as far north, but it gets far fewer visitors than the North Cape. Here on the edge of the Barents Sea you can experience the midnight sun in summer and the northern lights in winter.

The coastal settlement at Havøysund marks the end of the Scenic Route and is a beautiful area with wild and dramatic scenery. A mere half-hour walk from Havøysund can take you to the island's highest point, Havøygavlen, with views towards the Arctic Ocean, Rolvsøya and Ingøya. On your way up you will pass the windmill park which was established here in 2002. Storvika is also an easy hike from Havøysund, taking you out to cliffs and skerries in the weather-beaten landscape on the southwestern part of the Havøya island. In the northeast of the island you will find the historic Russehula cave. The truly adventurous should take a boat from Havøysund to Ingøya and explore the mountains there.

The road to Havøysund runs mostly along the coast, but with a few short and steep hills across the fell. The route offers a number of nice places to stop such as the rest area at Lillefjord, and Selvika. The geology is quite unique and the route should probably be cycled in the direction towards Havøysund. From here you can take the Hurtigruta Coastal Express to Honningsvåg, and cycle from there to the Nordkapp plateau. Then you will also steer clear of the Nordkapp Tunnel and the Honningsvåg Tunnel.

It is possible to combine Norwegian Scenic Route Havøysund with National Cycle Route 1, which runs along the entire coast of Norway. From Bergen to Nordkapp the route also coincides with the EuroVelo 1 «Atlantic Coast Route». The route is not signposted as a cycle route.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration builds infrastructure in the form of rest areas and viewpoints along Norwegian Scenic Routes. We kindly ask that questions regarding tourist information be directed to local and regional tourism operators.

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