Sundshopen, Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten. Illustration: Rever & Drage.

This became the start of a targeted investment in Norwegian Scenic Routes, with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) as the driving force.

the result is an attraction with international appeal. Along 18 Scenic Routes from Jæren in the south to Varanger in the north, travellers get to experience coastal landscapes, mountains, fiords and waterfalls. The experience is enhanced by innovative architecture and thought-provoking works of art at designated viewpoints and picnic areas.

In 2023, the following six Scenic Route projects will be opened to the public; the first five during May/June, and Gjende in the autumn.                                                                            

Sundshopen, Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten

A stone pier of 65 meters extends from the beach and into the brackish lake at Sundshopen.
Sundshopen, Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten. Illustration: Rever & Drage.

Rest area with toilet facilities and jetty

In the lush agricultural landscape of Sømna by the brackish lake Sundshopen, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is building a rest area with a stone jetty. The jetty extends 65 metres from the beach across the tidal shore and into the water. The jetty will be built using traditional craft methods, with stone-filled boxes built from horizontal logs in the old log house style, and with stone slabs as cover. A new modern service building, a large car park and a trail down to the rest area by the beach will complete the rest facility.

Architect: Rever & Drage

Sluppen, Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet

Parking, rest area and trail to the waterfall at Sluppen on Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet.
Sluppen, Norwegian Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet. Illustration: Østengen og Bergo AS.

Parking, rest area and trail to waterfall

A parking layby along the narrow and winding county road 243 is being made into a picnic area with four parking spaces and a seating area. The rest area will be bounded by a natural stone wall. A path with stone steps in the terrain down to the Erdalselvi river, with a couple of seating places along the path and a bench in the wood. From here you can continue along trails to Sluppefossen waterfall.

Architect: Østengen og Bergo AS

Flesefossen, Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke

Rest area with toilet facilities at Flesefossen on Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke.
Flesefossen, Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke. Illustration: Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter.

Rest area with toilet facilities

Along national road 13 between Nesflaten and Røldal, where Flesefossen waterfall comes rushing down the mountain side, a concrete platform will be carrying a longitudinal steel and wood structure and offer opportunities for a rest with a great view to the waterfall.  The new toilet facility will be integrated in the structure. The project also includes seating areas in the terrain and parking for eight passenger cars and two buses.

Architect: Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter

Madland harbour, Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren

Rest area with toilet facilities and storm-watching cabin at Madland harbour on Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren.
Madland harbour, Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren. Illustration: Haugen/Zohar arkitekter

Rest area with toilet facilities and a storm-watching cabin

On a small embankment above the harbour, an elongated parking area is being built, with a 180 degree view of the North Sea. The service building will have two toilets and a cladding of specially designed façade bricks that glow in the dark like a lantern. Down by the harbour, there will be a storm-watching cabin that picks up the visual expression of the existing boathouses in the area.

Architect: Haugen/Zohar arkitekter

Brunstranda, Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten

Rest area and toilet facilities at Brunstranda on Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten.
Brunstranda, Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten. Illustration: Studio Vatn & Jørgen Tandberg Arkitektur

Rest area and toilet facilities

Along the northern coast of Lofoten, the ocean waves beat against the shore, and Brunstranda/Skagsanda are attractive places for surfing and kiting. The service building from 1995 will be replaced by a new building with three toilets and a technical room. The lounge will provide shelter from the elements so that the ocean can be experienced from inside the building. In connection with the service building, there will be an outdoor facility with furniture.

Architect: Studio Vatn & Jørgen Tandberg Arkitektur

Gjende, Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye

Service building with café and toilet facilities at Gjende on Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye.
Gjende Fase 2, Nasjonal turistveg Valdresflye. Illustration: Knut Hjeltnes sivilarkitekter.

Phase 2; Service building with café and toilet facilities

The completion of the Scenic Route facility at Gjende includes a new 350 km2 service building made of wood and glass, with a kiosk/café and toilet facilities. The surrounding outdoor area will be developed simply and aesthetically. The new building completes the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s work to improve Reinsvangen/Gjende and make it one of ten major attractions along the 18 Norwegian Scenic Route, along with Vøringsfossen, Trollstigen and Torghatten. 

Architect: Knut Hjeltnes sivilarkitekter