Havøysund in Finnmark. Photo: Frid-Jorunn Stabell, Statens vegvesen

Untitled (“I hated the mountains and the hills, the rivers and the rain. I hated the sunsets of whatever colour,
I hated its beauty and its magic and the secret I would never know. I hated its indifference and the cruelty
which was part of its loveliness.”) 2013 - 15

American artist Roni Horn is based in New York and is one of the most sought-after artists of our time. Her work is exhibited in art galleries and museums around the world. Horn's oeuvre is comprised of a wide range of media, including photography, sculpture, drawing and books. Among Horn’s best known works are her monumental glass sculptures.

Roni Horn, courtesy of the artist.
Roni Horn, courtesy of the artist. Photo: Frid-Jorunn Stabell, Statens vegvesen

The artist's installation in Havøysund on the coast of Finnmark in Northern Norway consists of two cylindrical glass objects that reflect the light back to the spectator. Their massiveness and volume are striking. The objects exude silence in a weather-beaten and beautiful corner of the world, where the variations of the light - midnight sun, northern lights and winter darkness - are constantly creating new moods.

The building enveloping the art installation, designed by Jensen & Skodvin Architects, is an integral part of the artwork. It is simple, sober and without windows. The interior walls are clad with peat, and the roof trusses that sift the natural light from above add important dimensions to the art experience.

The building is an integral part of the artwork.
The building is an integral part of the artwork. Photo: Frid-Jorunn Stabel, Statens vegvesen

Together with Seilneset Memorial in Vardø, the art installation in Havøysund will enhance the position of Finnmark on the international art map.

Steilneset Memorial was erected in memory of the victims of the sorcery trials in Finnmark in the 17th century, and solemnly opened by HM Queen Sonja ten years ago; on 23 June 2011. This unique story, together with Louise Bourgeois's burning chair and Peter Zumthor's architecture, has generated interest far beyond the borders of Norway. With Roni Horn’s artwork in Havøysund, Finnmark will be enhanced as a tourist destination with yet another art installation by an artist of international calibre.

Roni Horn's artwork in Havøysund has been exhibited locally since 16 June, and is thus open to the public.

Architect: Jensen & Skodvin Architects