Torghatten towers as a special attraction on the coast of Helgeland.

Atelier Oslo AS
Landscape architect:
Østengen og Bergo AS
The new service building. Photo: Trine Kanter Zerwekh, Statens vegvesen

Atelier Oslo AS

Through its work on Norwegian Scenic Routes, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) has aimed to raise the quality of infrastructure and services at Torghatten. The tourist attraction is now emerging as a facilitated experience of nature and architecture for the benefit of the great number of visitors.

The new service building is relatively low-key as it is located in close contact with the stream and the landscape behind it. You find the scree slope and the lush vegetation right behind the building, and further up you can spot the polished rocks.

The service building consists of three toilets, one with disability access and changing facilities, as well as a storage facility and a technical room. The building also has a small exhibition room.

The roof of the new architect-designed service building has been constructed with solid wood beams lying in different directions and protruding from the log-built toilets and exhibition room. The semi-transparent glass roof covers the wooden structure and provides light to the toilets, the exhibition and the outside area.

Around the building you will find various covered zones where you can seek shelter from the wind and weather while resting, waiting, packing your bike or putting on your helmet and climbing equipment.

Southeast of the building, a forecourt has been established in cast-in-place concrete between the service building and the county road. Bicycle racks have also been established in connection with the building. Vegetation zones form a protective shield against the road and the car park and have been established with indigenous vegetation.

The car park is located northwest of the service building and includes 5 disabled spaces, 10 motorhome spaces and 61 regular car spaces. A stopping bay has been established for scheduled buses near the service building, as well as four parking bays for tourist coaches along the county road. All traffic areas are connected by designated pedestrian zones for vulnerable road users.

The project is a collaboration between the NPRA, Brønnøysund Municipality and Nordland County Administration.
Exhibition: Trollfjell UNESCO Geopark.
Contractor: OK Kristoffersen

Østengen & Bergo AS

When the project started in 2018, the trail was not well suited for the ever-increasing number of visitors. The trail was narrow and rough and there was no continuous trail around and through the Torghatten hole. Stormwater from the mountainsides washed away parts of the trail and the risk of landslides and rockfalls made it straight out dangerous to use.

Through the Scenic Route work, a roughly 3-km-long path has been established, as a circular walk up to and through the Torghatten hole from both sides.
Where the path starts, there is now a new service building, an outdoor recreation area, a new car park and improved road facilities. Newly built steps of natural stone and steel railings will now lead you safely through the hole in the mountain.
A new universally designed coastal path has been established from the service area and around the coast, for the benefit of all users.

The circular walk takes you through a nature experience, where the path is adapted to the terrain and meant to reflect the feeling and the character of the various landscape spaces along the path; from open landscape spaces with spectacular views, through the magical atmosphere in the birch forest, to the steep scree slopes and the open coastal stretch towards the sea.
The project's colour and material palette has been based on the characteristics of the natural surroundings, and the paths have been built alternately in local natural stone, other Norwegian natural stone or local gravel adapted to the different situations.

Along the circular walk, a number of designated spots have been established with rest area facilities and excellent views. Along the path, you will also find boards with information and historical, landscape-related and geological fun facts.
Water is now led away from the path and down into beautiful site-appropriate ditches in natural stone. At the service area, the stream, which used to run in pipes several places, has been opened up and you can now cross the stream on corduroy bridges. The water that was once considered a problem has now been brought out as another attractive feature to be enjoyed by hikers.

The project has aimed to facilitate a safe and accessible walk that offers fantastic nature experiences, as well as fascination, research and education, and to build facilities that are able to handle increased use in the future without the destruction of nature.

In 2021 and 2022, a contracted preparatory project was carried out to secure the rock at the entrances to and through the Torghatten hole. This was carried out by Stetind entreprenør AS.

The project is a collaboration between the NPRA, Brønnøysund Municipality and Nordland County Administration.
Contractor: OK Kristoffersen og Stibyggjaren AS

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