Sluppen parking and rest area. Landscape architect: Østengen & Bergo AS. Photo: Frid-Jorunn Stabell, Statens vegvesen

A parking lay-by at Sluppen along the narrow and winding road from Lærdalsøyri to Aurlandsfjellet has been made into an atmospheric rest area. The parking area has been gravelled and offers a pleasant and universally designed seating area. The rest area is delimited by an undulating natural stone parapet wall, inspired by the soft shapes of the surrounding riverscape. A small information board tells visitors about possible hikes in the area.

By the path down to the river, there are places to sit.
By the path down to the river, there are places to sit. Photo: Frid-Jorunn Stabell, Statens vegvesen

For those who wish to take a stroll there is a path with steps down to the river. The stone steps have been carefully laid in the landscape to minimize terrain interference and preserve existing trees. In connection with the path, there are two different seating areas with benches, placed somewhat away from the footpath itself.

Waterfall in the Horna river.
Waterfall in the Horna river. Photo: Therese Ruud, Statens vegvesen

The opening og Sluppen is the first of six openings in 2023 along Norwegian Scenic Routes, which this year can celebrate 30 years of art and architecture at rest areas and viewpoints in magnificent scenery along 18 routes. It was in 1993 that the Norwegian Parliament sked the Ministry of Transport and Communications to take a closer look at the combination of roads and tourism. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) took on the responsibility. The result is today a national attraction with international appeal that also provides economic benefits in rural areas.

The celebratory event “REST” displays the combination of art, architecture and tourism along 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes over 30 years. The event will be held at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design with seminars and an exhibition in the period 15 – 25 June.

Landscape architect: Østengen & Bergo AS
Contractor: Landscape gardener Jan Erik Sandal AS
Contracting client: NPRA
Completed: 2023