Vargebakkane. Photo: Werner Harstad, Statens vegvesen

Where the road floats above the treeline

A drive with a panoramic view of the mountains and wide expanses at the gateway to Jotunheimen.

The road swoops and stretches out ahead in long sweeps of undulating terrain.

A drive with a panoramic view of the mountains and wide expanses at the gateway to Jotunheimen, through cultural landscapes with mountain dairy farms and traditional tourist enterprises.

Up on Valdresflye you get the feeling of “hovering” above the mountain plateau with a great view towards many of the mountain peaks of Jotunheimen National Park. Large parts of the route runs above the tree line, with the highest point at 1389 meters above sea level.

Valdresflye is like a large painting where the road swoops and stretches out ahead in long sweeps of undulating terrain. The route forms part of a number of circular drives, and is an alternative if you are heading north.

Travel information

49 km
890 – 1389

Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye runs between Hindsæter and Garli [51], with a detour to Gjende. This is an excellent alternative if you are heading north, or it can be included in a wide variety of round trips. Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye is an innate leg in several roundtrips.

For cyclists: Beware of strong winds in large open areas high up the mountains. The route includes some long climbs, and car traffic may at times be quite heavy. In time, this route will be part of National Cycle Route 5.

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

Traffic alerts in map (Norwegian only)
Overview Scenic Routes closed in winter season

GPS, Hindsæter:
61.618944, 8.972654
GPS, Garli:
61.269397, 8.863413

The road between Garli and Maurvangen is normally closed in winter from December to April. Previous closures have started between 23 December and 9 January. Previous openings have taken place between 23 March and 5 April.

It is important to note that even when roads have been opened for the summer season, they may still for some time be closed at night.  Spring is a volatile season in the mountains, and in bad weather the road may be closed on short notice. 

A red line in the map marks a road that is closed in winter.


At Valdresflye you can stop your car almost anywhere, and take a long or short hike into the mountains. Whether you like rocky mountain terrain or soft forest ground, you are sure to find hiking trails that suit your preferences along this route.  

Bitihorn and Synshorn are attractive peaks that offer stunning views of Bygdin. To experience the famous but challenging Besseggen Ridge, take a short detour to Gjende. 

Experience cultural landscapes with active mountain dairy farms and traditional tourist enterprises in the Norwegian mountains. Mountain dairy farms where you can buy butter, sour cream and cheese made in the traditional way.

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