At Brunstranda, a new service building has been built to replace the old and run-down facilities from 1995.

Studio Vatn AS
Jørgen Tandberg Arkitekt MNAL
Flowers in front ofte building.
Brunstranda is located on the north side of Flakstadøya along the E10, midway between Leknes in Vestvågøy and Å in Moskenes. Especially bicycle tourists and surfers come here to experience the wild surroundings. Photo: Frid-Jorunn Stabell, Statens vegvesen

The new building has a simple floor plan, with a lounge, a technical room and three toilets placed next to each other under a roof structure consisting of precast concrete elements. The roof protrudes towards the road to provide shelter from the rain, and along the entire seaside of the building there is a bench where you can sit in the sun on warmer days. Around the building, walkways and parking areas have been upgraded and new picnic furniture has been provided, with a view to the sea.

The white, bush-hammered concrete in the structure refers to the colour and texture of the sand at Brunstranda. The building design is otherwise straight and clear, with strong, horizontal lines contrasting with the wild landscape surrounding the building.

Five 14-metre-long concrete girders support the roof and constitute the architectural motif. They are 12cm wide and one metre high, and have a design span of 11.5 metres. The girders rest on the two precast concrete side walls of the building. The concrete girders run through all rooms and are thus also a characteristic feature of the inside of the building.

The intention has been to create a robust, clear and durable building in a dramatic landscape and a harsh climate. (All surfaces that are not part of the concrete structure are made of acid-proof stainless steel to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Lofoten over many years.)

The old parking area has been optimised and extended, and a simple walkway has been established between the rest area and the beach. The local road has been improved, and new bicycle parking stands have been established, along with a new container for recycling and waste disposal and a new septic tank.

The place has large parking areas for buses, private cars, motorhomes and caravans.

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