Varanger The road to the Arctic Ocean

A drive in the fluctuating light of the ocean and sky – towards the expanse of ocean and unique rock landscape.

  • Length 160 km
  • 0 – 123 Masl
  • Winter info

Havøysund Towards the farthest north

A supplement to the North Capet; the end point Havøysund and the islands beyond offer a encounter with a thriving community on the coast of Finnmark.

  • Length 67 km
  • 0 – 233 Masl

Senja Ocean, fjords and mountains

The drive along the west coast of Senja offers a journey through changing landscapes.

  • Length 102 km
  • 0 – 287 Masl

Andøya Where the ocean comes ashore

On the drive through landscape unprotected from the Norwegian Sea, the fishing village of Bleik depicts the encounter between man and nature.

  • Length 58 km
  • 0 – 65 Masl

Lofoten Along the wall of jagged peaks rising from the expanse of ocean

A drive through a well-established destination with magnificent scenery and a vibrant coastal culture.

  • Length 230 km
  • 0 – 59 Masl

Helgelandskysten From mountain peaks and cascading glaciers to archipelago and lush coasts.

An alternative detour to the E6, with a magnificent view of the ocean and archipelago.

  • Length 433 km
  • 0 – 346 Masl
  • 6 ferries

Atlanterhavsvegen The road across the sea

“The road across the sea” is the iconic experience with bridges that arch between the islets and reefs along the rough Hustadvika Bay.

  • Length 36 km
  • 0 – 30 Masl

Geiranger – Trollstigen Bendy roads along precipitous mountains

A driving experience along a tourist route rich in tradition with the dramatic scenery that is distinctive to Western Norway.

  • Length 104 km
  • 0 – 1038 Masl
  • 1 ferry
  • Winter info

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen Along stone walls and guard stones

The old roadway between east and west is a museum experience in itself. It is a historic alternative to the new trunk road across Strynefjellet Mountain.

  • Length 27 km
  • 465 – 1139 Masl
  • Winter info

Rondane Along the blue mountains

A drive that offers close encounter with Norwegian nature in the easily accessible borderland between high mountains and ancient cultural landscapes.

  • Length 75 km
  • 700 – 1060 Masl

Sognefjellet Above the roof of Norway

The Scenic Route travels from the cultural landscape in Lom across the highest mountain pass in Norway to the innermost part of Sognefjorden.

  • Length 108 km
  • 0 – 1434 Masl
  • Winter info

Valdresflye Where the road floats above the treeline

A drive with a panoramic view of the mountains and wide expanses at the gateway to Jotunheimen.

  • Length 49 km
  • 890 – 1389 Masl
  • Winter info

Gaularfjellet From Sognefjorden to Fosseheimen, the realm of falling waters

A peaceful alternative to the main roads from Sunnfjord to Sogn. Along protected waterways and a quiet fiord towards the tourist destination of Balestrand

  • Length 114 km
  • 0 – 784 Masl
  • Winter info

Aurlandsfjellet The snow road between the fjords

From fjord to fjord across a barren mountain noticeably marked by the snow, and with the view of Aurdalsfjorden as the grand finale.

  • Length 47 km
  • 0 – 1308 Masl
  • Winter info

Hardanger Mountains, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers

Several drives through a long-established tourism area. Waterfalls and glaciers form mighty stage sets that have attracted tourists for more than a century

  • Length 158 km
  • 0 – 275 Masl
  • 2 ferries
  • Winter info

Hardangervidda From high mountain plateaus to the nature of Western Norway

A journey of contrasts, from vast mountain plateaus to the fiordscapes of Western Norway.

  • Length 67 km
  • 0 – 1250 Masl
  • Winter info

Ryfylke Along verdant fjords and stark mountains

A drive in the borderland between the archipelago and the highland moors, from Lysefjorden to Sauda and over the mountain pass to Røldal.

  • Length 260 km
  • 0 – 972 Masl
  • 2 ferries
  • Winter info

Jæren Where the sky is high

A journey through distinctive cultural landscapes and idyllic coastal towns along the North Sea.

  • Length 130 km
  • 0 – 274 Masl