Trælvikosen. Photo: Lars Grimsby, Statens vegvesen
Trælvikosen. Photo: Lars Grimsby, Statens vegvesen

GPS, Trælvikosen:
65.5045913, 12.299282

Partially accessible for wheelchairs.

Trælvikosen, with its 55 stepping stones, is a place for quiet amazement at the shifts of nature.

Here the visitor is invited to walk out into the sea towards a small islet and the view towards Torghatten. The stones marking a tidal level are fully visible at low tide and completely covered by water at high tide.

The sandy sea floor at Trælvikosen is full of beautiful, nature-made details. Whorls of lugworm casts, snail trails through the sand, flatfish and round stones in all sorts of formations. All this appears when the sea recedes. And then when the tide comes back in, the picture changes, as does our experience of the landscape.

Trælvikosen is a great place to stop on the drive along Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten. The place has also been provided with a new car park, tables, benches and a path between the parking lot and the stepping stones.

Landscape architect: Snøhetta - Landscape architect Tea Kvamme Hartman