Hellåga rest area is located on the northern shore of the Sjona fjord, with a view towards the archipelago in the west.

Nordplan AS - Arild Waage
Hellåga. Photo: Steinar Skaar, Statens vegvesen

Its striking service building has the shape of a wave, built as a unique concrete structure with a façade covered in tempered glass. The site also has a waste-dumping station for camper vans.

This project was developed on the site of a previous rest area. The main intention of the landscape architect was to reflect the long lines of the mountain formations on the other side of the fjord, as well as to improve accessibility to the water’s edge. The rest area was designed on the basis of two different impressions of the landscape. From the large gravel-covered terrace the view opens to the immensity of the landscape, with the ocean and the mountainsides, and across the fjord to the sky and the view of the archipelago. From the gravel terrace, visitors are guided down to the sea below, where benches are spread out over the rocks.

The servicebuilding is designed by Nordplan AS - Arlild Waage
The rest area is designed by Landskapsfabrikken AS - Inge Dahlman

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