“Utsikten”. Photo: Per Ritzler, Statens vegvesen

From Sognefjorden to Fosseheimen, the realm of falling waters

A peaceful alternative to the main roads from Sunnfjord to Sogn. Along protected waterways and a quiet fiord towards the tourist destination of Balestrand

Gaularfjellet is a well-preserved secret for most people. The drive runs along the fiord before the road begins its sharply meandering climb up towards the top of the mountain. From the rest area of Utsikten you can admire the view of a lush and beautiful landscape and the road winding its way up the hill.

The road follows Gaularvassdraget, a protected watercourse offering everything from wild rapids and waterfalls to calm stretches where the water glides quietly along. A walk over the exciting bridge at Likholefossen waterfall gives you a sense of being in the midst of the swirling cascades. The Scenic Route can be included in a number of circular trips.

Travel information

114 km
0 – 784

Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet runs between Moskog and Balestrand [613] and between Sande and Eldalsosen [610]. From Balestrand you can make beautiful detours. A boat trip that ends almost at the Jostadalsbreen glacier is a wonderful way to experience the natural surroundings.

For cyclists: Start your bike ride at Moskog, so that the climbs up towards Rørvikfjellet and towards the top of Gaularfjellet will not be too strenuous. An alternative is to start at Sande. From the Utsikten viewpoint and down to the fiord, the road is a steep downhill ride.

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

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Overview Scenic Routes closed in winter season

GPS, Moskog:
61.442286, 6.002698
GPS, Balestrand:
61.210477, 6.528711
GPS, Sande:
61.326786, 5.797906

The road is closed in winter over Gaularfjellet between Mel and Mjell. The road is normally closed from December to April. Previous closures have started between 20 November and 3 January. Previous openings have taken place between 14 April and 2 May. 

It is important to note that even when roads have been opened for the summer season, they may still for some time be closed at night.  Spring is a volatile season in the mountains, and in bad weather the road may be closed on short notice. 

A red line in the map marks a road that is closed in winter.


This road soon became an important travel route when it was opened in 1938. Today, the road is a peaceful alternative to the main roads that absorb most of the traffic.

Balestrand is a great place to start the trip, from where you are also advised to take a boat to Fjærland and visit the glacier museum. There are simple and functional points along the entire route where it is easy to stop and stretch your legs or just enjoy the view. The Gaula river has 29 large waterfalls, with Likholefossen and the bridge across it as one of the highlights.

The 21-km-long Fossestien Waterfall Trail runs along the Gaula river, parallel to the Scenic Route. You can walk the trail in its entirety, or choose a shorter section. The trail runs past a number of waterfalls and through a lush cultural landscape with active farms. Along the route you will also find mountain hikes to spectacular viewpoints and quiet mountain lakes where fishing is possible.

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