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Attraction along Helgelandskysten


At Oterstranda along Sørfjorden, about 15 km south of Inndyr, you can park your car and walk up the little gravel road below the cliff and climb up at the back in order to reach the highest point. From this top you have a great view over the “The forgotten town”, which is reminiscent of a theatre stage. Here you will find sculptural elements inspired by Indian culture, and stone floors with roots in Ancient Greece. A small flight of steps leading down below ground is almost as if borrowed from Knossos in Crete. The artists wanted to explore traces and marks that people leave behind. The sculpture may be depicting something that has been, or something that never was to be. “The forgotten town” was made by Swedish artist Jan Håfström, in cooperation with Johan Celsing, and is a part of Artscape Nordland.

Not wheelchair accessible.

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