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Attraction along Helgelandskysten


At Ureddplassen you find a nine-metre-wide terrace with a wide view over the fiord and towards the open sea, Fugløya, Lofotveggen (“the Lofoten Wall”) and the horizon. As you move down towards the beach and sit down on one of the steps, you will find that the noise from the cars disappears. From the beach area you have a magnificent view of the mountain peaks in the background, behind weather-beaten rock formations and forest. In the month of May you can often hear intense birdsong from the mountain side. Ureddplassen is a place for a short break, a nice rest and a picnic, or for long nights with midnight sun or northern lights. A wave-shaped toilet building with glass walls is beautifully lit in the dark.

Ureddplassen is also a memorial place. A monument has been erected in memory of those who died when the submarine “Uredd” hit a mine in Fugløyfjorden during World War II. The submarine was on its way to Gildeskål with agents from the Linge Company on their way to Sulitjelma to carry out a sabotage operation against the power plant by the mines.

Wheelchair accessible.

The toilet facility is open all year round.



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