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Attraction along Varanger


Mount Domen is known from folklore as the place where witches would have their meetings with Satan. At the top of this mountain, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has established a shelter for resting and enjoying the majestic view.

The project consists of three small buildings positioned to provide shelter and protect you from the elements. The buildings have steel frameworks, with whitewashed pine panelling on the outside and Norwegian Kebony wood on the inside. The windows are lightly tinted in pink to prevent birds from flying into the glass.

From Domen there is a great view of the fiord, the open sea, wildlife along the shore, and the small town of Vardø. The maritime area around Vardø is world famous for its Arctic birdlife, and from the vantage point on a sunny spring day you can see several hundred thousand seabirds.

At Steilneset memorial in Vardø you can read more about the fates of those who were convicted of witchcraft and burnt at the stake.

Architect: Biotope
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