The mountains form the natural gate Suldalsporten.
Suldalsporten. Photo: Fredrik Fløgstad, Statens vegvesen

Along verdant fjords and stark mountains

A drive in the borderland between the archipelago and the highland moors, from Lysefjorden to Sauda and over the mountain pass to Røldal.

The drive along Scenic Route Ryfylke is a journey full of contrasts. Here you will encounter high barren mountains, lush hillsides, steep mountainsides and deep fiords. The Saudafjellet mountain displays distinctive natural features. It is rough, rugged and unyielding. 

Since Ryfylke is a long and varied route, it is worth taking your time. There are lots of opportunities for short detours and breaks along the way, whether you are keen to find out more about Sauda’s industrial history or just want to explore one of the lovely little shore villages such as Sand.

Travel information

260 km
0 – 972
Sea crossing
2 ferries

Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke travels between Håra and Oanes at Lysefjorden [46] [520] [13] [523]. From Håra the tourist route splits into two sections. One section travels [13] down Brattlandsdalen and Suldalslågen with a small detour to Høse Bridge at Sand [4716]. The other section [520] [46] to Sauda, with a short detour to Ropeid rest area. The road sections meet after crossing the Sandsfjord Bridge - creating a round trip. The route has one ferry crossing: Nesvik to  Hjelmeland and Lauvvika to Oanes (click on the ferry icon for timetable).

For syclists: Starting from Håra near Røldal, you will have a steep climb up toward Saudafjellet. Avoid tunnels along Saudafjorden by cycling along the old road on the outside. Between Ropeid and Ostasteidn, you have to ride through a tunnel that is approximately 1 km long. From Håra to Lovra, the route includes many long tunnels where there is no alternative outside route.

Combine this trip with National Cycle Route 2, which includes the road from Stavanger to Lysebotn. From Stavanger you can also follow National Cycle Route 1 along the coast. This stretch is also part of the European “North Sea Cycle Route” EuroVelo 12.

Traffic and road information

Telephone +47 815 48 991

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Map information

GPS, Oanes:
58.914264, 6.077564
GPS, Håra:
59.8138, 6.773779

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In this file, the direction of travel is from  Oanes over Rødalsfjellet to Håra and Lovraeidet. Gpx files for all Scenic Routes. Any alternative driving pattern must be adapted by the users themselves.


Emptying toilets from motorhomes and caravans is not permitted in our toilets. The facility is not designed for such use. The nearest dump stations are at Sauda and Sand.

Winter information


The road between Helandsbygd and Røldal [520] is closed in Winter. Previous closures are 21 November and 20 December. Previous openings are 1 May and 16 June. NOTE: Opened road may be closed for a period at night and closed at short notice in bad weather. Time for closing and estimated opening can be seen by clicking on the snow icon in the map.

Road condition

Sections of the road, particularly over the mountain to Røldal, are narrow with a number of bends. There is currently no maximum limit for the length of buses, however, we would recommend a shorter length.


Many tourists find their way to Ryfylke. The area is home to some of the most spectacular nature attractions Norway has to offer. Preikestolen (“Pulpit Rock”) and Kjeragbolten, with the Lysefjord in the background, are both popular as hiking destinations and photgraphic motifs. But the area also has many other unique hiking destinations that are little known. 

On sunny days you should consider hiking to Reinaknuten and Skomakernibå. From both tops you will have an impressive view of large parts of Ryfylke, including Lake Tysdalsvatnet and Jøsenfjorden.

The circular trail to Ritlandskrateret - the Ritland Crater - is a unique experience where you take in the crater of a meteor that hit the Earth 500-600 million years ago. You can also hike to Hovlandsnuten near Sauda. Here, sherpas from Nepal have built solid stone steps to facilitate the walk.

There are two short ferry rides on this route where you can enjoy a breath of fresh sea air and admire the fiords up close.

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