Norwegian Scenic Routes are 18 selected roads that run through landscapes with unique natural qualities, along coasts and fjords, mountains and waterfalls. The routes are intended as alternatives to the main roads, and the drive itself should be an enjoyable experience.


Towards the farthest north


A supplement to the North Capet; the end point Havøysund and the islands beyond offer a encounter with a thriving community on the coast of Finnmark.

The road out to Havøysund is fascinatingly varied. Parts of the road traverse a barren rocky landscape with the Arctic Ocean on one side and rugged outcrops on the other.
Along the wall of jagged peaks rising from the expanse of ocean


A drive through a well-established destination with magnificent scenery and a vibrant coastal culture.

The Skagsanden beach with mountains in the background.
From mountain peaks and cascading glaciers to archipelago and lush coasts.


An alternative detour to the E6, with a magnificent view of the ocean and archipelago.

The Ureddplassen rest area with sea view, benches made of polished limestone marble.
The road across the sea


“The road across the sea” is the iconic experience with bridges that arch between the islets and reefs along the rough Hustadvika Bay.

Pink winter lights at the Storseisund Bridge.
Along verdant fjords and stark mountains


A drive in the borderland between the archipelago and the highland moors, from Lysefjorden to Sauda and over the mountain pass to Røldal.

The mountains form the natural gate Suldalsporten.

The 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes

Norwegian Scenic Routes are roads that run through unique Norwegian nature. Along the roads you will find artworks, viewpoints and rest areas with innovative architecture in beautiful landscapes.

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Service building with café and toilet facilities. View to lake and mountains.